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Working groups


The ISSS is doing pioneering work in the area of restudy of previously ratified GSSPs. Recent work has shown that many of the Silurian GSSPs, all of which were ratified in the mid-1980s, have serious deficiencies in terms of their potential use as benchmarks for high-resolution global correlation. Three working groups are currently focusing on restudy of the base of the Aeronian Stage (R-A boundary), base of the Telychian Stage (A-T boundary) and the base of the Wenlock Series. Other working groups will be formed in the future in order to study the other inadequate GSSPs of the Silurian System (namely base of the Homerian Stage and the base of the Ludlow Series).


Base of Aeronian GSSP Restudy Working Group

Leader:  P. Štorch


Base of Telychian GSSP Restudy Working Group

Leader:  M.J. Melchin


Base of Wenlock GSSP Restudy Working Group  

Leader:  D.K. Loydell